Travel Tips- 7 Wonders Tips For Safeguarding Your Luggage

Tourists being unaware of the place or inattentive to their luggage are easy victim of smart thieves. Curious natives trying to befriend and offering some help may end up stealing goods. Some natives offer themselves as tourist guides at cheap rates by making false claims of being a needy student or unemployed.They often speak good English. First they win your confidence and then get away with your valuables. If you want services of a tourist guide, pick one from an authorized tourist center and try to get their credentials verified by the appropriate authority.Here are some precious travel tips for safety of luggage and valuables1. Baggage Travel Insurance Is First and MustStart your safety with insurance. Insuring your baggage may not bring back your favorite items, but it will bring you the peace of mind in your financial terms.2. Never Display Huge Amount of Cash in PublicYou must carry smaller amount and change in your front pocket for frequent use. Keep your purse and wallet close to your body. One simple trick is to tie a rubber band across the purse, which will hinder it from being pick-pocketed.3. Keep Limited Number of Credit Cards with YouMake sure you remember the credit card number and the phone number to report any loss of card immediately.4. Women’s Travel Safety TipsWomen should take special care of jewelry. Do not display expensive jewelry. It is better to wear artificial jewelry or no jewelry at all while traveling. Try to use compact ornaments, which cannot be pulled away easily.5. Travel Safety Tips for Senior CitizensSenior people should carry very light bags. It is suggested to purchase cheap clothes in the destination country and dispose them off. Heavy bags with attractive items such as camera and mobile phone in hands of senior and weak people easily tempt criminals and burglars.6. Travel Safety Tips for KidsKids should not be handed over big amount of cash, credit cards, jewelry or expensive electronic goods. Try to get them cheap local watches instead of expensive watches. This will not only save money but also save them from being harassed.7. Bus Travel Safety TipsWhile traveling in a bus, make sure the luggage is stored and tied up safely. If you have a seat beside window, keep the window closed while bus is halted or caught up in traffic jams.

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